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California Law

Link for information on research on the California Codes and other statutory enactments of the California Legislature, the California Code of Regulations, California Rules of Court and California Rules of Professional conduct.

Federal Law

Link for information on research oh the United States Code and other Public Laws enacted by Congress, the Code of Federal Regulations, the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and other administrative adoptions.

Other Jurisdictions

This page provides information on research on the statutory and administrative law of other states and local ordinances.

About our service

Link for information on our professional research services, including our research qualifications, our approach to research, our research policies and our research fees.

Using Legislative Documents

Link for access to our library of pdf documents relating to a wide variety of subjects relating to using documents to establish legislative or regulatory intent. The documents available include points and authorities relating to the use of legislative documents in judicial or administrative proceedings, discussion of considerations pertinent to arguing legislative intent, simple forms to help in drafting a request for judicial notice and a number of documents containing samples of California legislative documents to help you understand the role of particular types of documents in the California legislative process,

MCLE Courses

This page provides information on MCLE and summer associate/paralegal courses we offer relating to legislative history and legislative intent.